Step-by-Step: Ultimate Guide to your BTO Key Collection

The most exciting day in your HDB journey has finally arrived!


As you countdown to that momentous day with bated breath, you’re bound to have many questions going through your mind – What documents do I have to bring? What should I expect? 

If you’ve gotten your appointment to collect your BTO keys but are still a bit confused about what needs to be done, here’s a helpful list of things you need to get ready for your BTO key collection before heading down.

HDB Key Collection – what to take note and prepare

1. Important list of documents to bring along:

  • Original NRIC
  • Completed HDB Appointment Letter
  • Marriage Certificate if you have applied under the Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme
  • Certificate of HDB Fire Insurance
  • Latest CPF statement(s) if you are presently a CPF Board employee
  • Completed GIRO form if you are paying monthly loan instalments partially or fully by cash

2. Make sure to purchase fire insurance

All new homeowners are required to purchase fire insurance from HDB’s appointed insurer, FWD Singapore Pte Ltd (FWD), if you are taking an HDB housing loan. For more details on the HDB Fire Insurance, you can call FWD’s enquiry line at 6820-8888 or visit FWD’s website.

3. Ensure that your Singpass is working

Most homeowners will choose to wipe out their entire CPF for the payment of their flat. In order to access CPF for this transaction, you will need to authorise with your Singpass. Ensure that your 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is set up properly and working (takes about 10 days). You’ll need to bring either your mobile phone or token device to authorise the use of CPF for the transaction.

4. Arrange for a Power of Attorney to attend on your behalf (if you are unable to attend the appointment personally)

You should attend the appointment personally but If you are unable to for some reasons, you can send an attorney to represent you. He must bring one certified true copy by the solicitors and two photocopies. Alternatively, you can reschedule.

5. Bring your marriage certificate (for flat under the Fiance/Fiancee Scheme)

For couples and newlyweds, do remember to bring along your marriage certificate for verification. If you have not signed the papers yet, you have 3 months to do so after your key collection and submit it.

6. Get ready your bank details (if you intend to pay monthly loan instalments partially or fully by cash)

You should prepare your bank details to fill in the GIRO form in order to arrange for monthly deduction from your bank for the loan payments.

7. Set up and activate your utilities account

It is recommended that you set up your utilities account before your BTO key collection date. This way, you will be able to switch on the water and test your power points when you visit your flat. You can set up your SP Services account online (takes about 3 days) or by phone.

Congratulations! You are now ready to collect your BTO key.
Here’s a downloadable guide for you!

Your next step is to get prepared for your first house visit. Refer to “How to check your BTO for defects?’